The start of a new year can offer a great chance to make positive life changes – however big or small. So, as we leave behind 2021 and all its, here are some questions that may help you get more out of life and your NDIS plan. 

And if you’re not a big believer in new year’s resolutions, don’t worry – you can ask yourself these questions any time of the year!

What did you enjoy last year?

Taking some time to reflect on the positives of last year is not only a great way to practice gratitude (which has been shown to provide a lot of benefits, including improving mood, sleep, and optimism), it’s also an awesome way to think about what you want to do again this year. If there was an activity you loved, there could even be a way to align it with your NDIS plan, so you can pay for it with your funds.

What do you want to achieve this year?

With a whole year ahead of us, what would you like to accomplish in that time? There’s no right or wrong answer here as it’s a really personal thing. But whether your goal is to skydive or go to the shops on your own, have a think the gradual steps you can take to achieve it and whether you can work it into a new or existing goal in your NDIS plan. Of course, some goals might take a lot longer than a year to accomplish, but even the longest journey begins with a single step.

Are you happy with your NDIS plan?

With many NDIS plans now lasting longer than 12 months, this is a good opportunity to think about whether your plan’s still right for you. If your situation or goals have changed significantly, it might be time to request a plan review and get a plan that you’re happy with.   

Are you on track with your NDIS budgets?

If you’re not already keeping an eye on your NDIS spending and how much of each budget you have left, we suggest you take a look. This quick check can ensure you have enough funds to continue accessing your supports until your plan reaches its end-date. You might even realise you have a lot of a specific category’s budget left, which can allow you to access extra supports. Tools like our Dashboard make it easy to track your budgets as you go, so you avoid nasty surprises and get the most out of your plan.

Are you liking your service providers?

A good service provider can make a huge difference to both outcomes and general wellbeing. So, if you’ve been on the fence or unhappy with one of your service providers, perhaps it’s time to make a change. Websites like Mable make it easy to find a support worker who aligns with your interests as well as your support needs, plus there’s plenty of handy online resources for browsing service providers. If you’re a Plan Partners customer, why not chat with our team about finding the best provider for you.

Could you do with some extra help?

There’s no denying that last year was a difficult one, with many people’s plans and goals interrupted. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed as we enter 2022, you’re certainly not alone. Remember that help’s always at hand, be it a therapist, a support line, a close friend, or even an internet message board. If you’re finding it challenging to connect with supports or manage your NDIS plan’s funding recently, a plan manager or support coordinator could be just what you need.