Ever wondered how invoices get paid under the NDIS? We asked Steph, one of our passionate plan supporters in Victoria, to run us through a typical day and some of the things her job entails.   

“Behind every invoice is a person, so our team takes great care to process them as accurately and quickly as possible to ensure there are no interruptions to our customers’ NDIS supports.” - Steph, Plan Supporter

8:00AM - Morning 

You know what they say – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Every morning I try to have a balanced breakfast with a cup of coffee. This helps give me the energy I need to start my day.

9:00AM - Housekeeping

My first order of business is to check my emails and Microsoft Teams messages to resolve any issues from the previous day and reply to urgent messages from colleagues. To ensure I manage my time efficiently, I write a to-do list to prioritise the tasks I need to complete throughout the day. I also spend time going through the emails in our invoice inbox and follow up accordingly.

10:00AM – Processing time

Then, it’s invoice processing time! As a plan supporter, my main role is to review and process our customers' invoices to ensure they’re paid on time. I can generally enter around 20 invoices an hour, but this can quickly change if I get a complicated invoice or need to enter new service providers’ details into our system for the first time. I’ll sometimes also need to contact service providers to help them solve any issues with their invoices, so they meet the NDIS guidelines. Behind every invoice is a person, so our team takes great care to process them as accurately and quickly as possible to ensure there are no interruptions to our customers’ NDIS supports. 

11.30AM - Team Meeting

Once I’ve processed a good amount of invoices and resolved some providers’ issues, I have a team meeting with Glenn and the plan supporter team. If I’m working from home that day, this is a great way stay connected with my team. Once we get all the jokes out of the way, we discuss some line items the NDIS has recently introduced and brainstorm more effective ways of reviewing and processing invoices.

1:00PM – Refuel!

Time for lunch! When I’m working in the office, I enjoy spending lunchtime with my colleagues but it’s a bit different working from home. I spend half an hour unwinding and having something to eat, and the other half an hour on a brisk walk to get out of the house and take my mind off work.

2:00PM – OCR

After lunch, I turn my attention to our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system – an automated system that reads and picks up information on an invoice. This system allows us to process higher volumes of invoices more quickly – up to 60 an hour. Once I start processing, I also need to double check all the information has been picked up correctly and add in anything that might have been missed.

3:30PM - Chair Yoga

At around 3.30 every Thursday, we take a break from processing and do a Health and Wellbeing activity. Today’s activity is Chair Yoga. We do it over video call with team members from all over the country, so it’s great to see everyone and have a bit of laugh. The yoga really clears the mind too and gets us ready for the last batch of invoices.

5:00PM – Finishing touches

Before I finish for the day, I go through any invalid OCR invoices that have been flagged by our Salesforce system and note down any issues so the Plan Specialist team can follow up the next day. These include issues like a customer’s funding becoming exhausted or their NDIS plan ending.

5:30PM – Finish

After a busy day, it’s time to head home, or leave my desk if I’m working from home. Another challenging yet rewarding day is over. It's really nice looking back on the day and knowing you've made a difference and made someone’s life that little bit easier and helped them achieve their NDIS goals. Now it’s time to relax before starting all over again the next day!