Have you ever wondered what sort of things a Support Coordinator does? We asked Claudia, one of our passionate Support Coordinators in Victoria, to run us through a typical day and some of the things her job entails.   

“It often requires some thinking outside of the box, but it’s very rewarding to know you’ve played a part in helping someone bring their NDIS plan to life.” - Claudia, Support Coordinator

8:00 am - Morning housekeeping

No two days are ever the same as a Support Coordinator, so I start every morning by reviewing my calendar to see what’s in store for me.

I’ve just finished checking my inbox when I get a call from the carer of one of my customers, Barbara. She’s waiting on some continence products, but there’s a problem with her account that’s holding up the delivery. I contact the company to get to the bottom of things and it turns out some of Barbara’s details were incorrect in their system – an easy fix! I call the carer back and let them know to expect their delivery in a couple of days.

10:00 am - Meeting a customer

I have a meeting with of my customers, Michael, to discuss his upcoming plan review and how he can make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. We go through his current NDIS plan together and look at which goals he’s achieved and which ones still need more work, before thinking about any new goals he has and which supports can help him achieve them. It’s a productive meeting and Michael leaves feeling much more prepared and confident about the review.

12:00 pm - Keeping in touch

When I get back to my desk, I email him a summary of everything we spoke about and a clear list of next steps. Because the NDIS can be so complex and meetings tend to cover a lot of different topics, these summary notes help make sure everyone’s on the same page.

1:00 pm  - Lunch with colleagues

Time for some lunch! I like to eat with my colleagues which gives us time to catch up, debrief and take our mind of work. If we’re not in the office, we’ll sometimes video call each other for a chat.

1:30 pm - Organising a plan review

Lunch finished, I contact some of Michael’s service providers and ask them to send me some information on the supports they’ve been providing and how they’ll be able to support him in achieving his new goals. Evidence like this can go a long way to ensuring a plan review meeting is a success, so it’s great that these service providers are eager to help and send me everything Michael needs.

2:30 pm - Video call

I have a zoom meeting with one of my customers, Kylie, who is halfway through her plan and would like to explore some additional supports to help her achieve her goals. We discuss her achievements so far and some of the areas that she’s finding challenging and afterwards I suggest some providers that will be able to mentor and support her. A big part of my job is coming up with solutions to the issues that people are facing. It often requires some thinking outside of the box, but it’s very rewarding to know you’ve played a part in helping someone bring their NDIS plan to life.

3:30 pm - Meeting a service provider

This afternoon, some of the Support Coordination team and I are heading to a “meet the service providers” event. Because we’re regularly recommending service providers to customers, we need to have a good understanding of what they offer, which areas their service is available in, and what they’re like as a business. These events are a great opportunity for us to introduce Plan Partners and what we can offer their customers, as well as ask them any questions we might have. There’s so many incredible service providers out there – both big and small – so it’s always nice to meet them and hear about the great work they’re doing.

5:00 pm - Home time

After giving my email one final check, to see if there is anything else I can do to assist my customers, I head home. Another challenging but rewarding day done.