The NDIS receives thousands of invoices and requests for reimbursements a day. In order to process them correctly and efficiently, they have set strict criteria on what information needs to be on an invoice or request for reimbursement. 

One thing that all invoices and reimbursement requests need is an NDIS Line Item.

In this article we explain what an NDIS Line Item is and how you can find these line items using our handy Dashboards. Scroll down to see a handy overview of frequently used line items.

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What is an NDIS Line Item?

An NDIS Line item lets the NDIS know which of the participant’s support category budgets the service should be paid from.     

There are two components that make up a line item:

  • A brief description of the service delivered
  • A unique numerical code  

Our Price Guide Navigator (updated with the 2021-22 NDIS Price Guide) is a handy search tool to help you navigate the Price Guide more easily.

How to find the right NDIS Line Item using our online Dashboards

Our Dashboards make it easy to use NDIS Line Items:

Service Provider Dashboards

Service providers can easily create and submit their invoices online through our Fast Payment System in the Service Provider Dashboard - also available as an App - these invoices are validated immediately, usually allowing payment within 4 business days. To help them find the right NDIS Line Item when creating an invoice, we’ve added a handy search function to the Fast Payment System in their Dashboard, which also searches for relevant keywords, not just the name or the code.

NDIS Participant, Support Coordinator and Parent/Guardian Dashboards

Customers with Plan Partners and their support coordinators and parents/guardians can easily create and submitting their requests for reimbursements online using the Get Reimbursed functionality. To help them find the right NDIS Line Item when creating a reimbursement, we’ve added a handy search function to their Dashboard or App which also searches for relevant keywords, not just the name or the code.

The search functionality lets them select the right line item for the service they provided by searching for either:

  • the NDIS line item 
  • its code
  • or any relevant keywords.

As many NDIS line items have confusing names, searching for a relevant keyword makes it very handy for providers and customers to use.

For example, 01_019_0120_1_1 House And/Or Yard Maintenance can be found using the following search terms:

  • House
  • Yard
  • Maintenance
  • 01_020

But also:

  • Lawn mowing (or lawnmowing)
  • Gardening