Many of you have told us our website’s important to you, especially all the helpful articles, info and handy tips. And so, we’ve made it even better for you.

Why is it better?

Well, apart from having a whole new look and feel, it’s:

  • Faster to load
  • Easier to navigate
  • More accessible

Even more important…

We’ve created a new Knowledge Centre filled with all the articles, info and tips you find so useful – and growing in volume by the week. This is now the richest NDIS resource on the web. Plus, we’ve structured it in such a way you’ll be able to discover the content you need more quickly than ever before.

Search for information by topic or filter content relevant to you. Are you an NDIS participant, parent, guardian, carer, service provider or support coordinator? We have helpful info, updates and tips for you all.


We’ve made huge improvements to make our new website more accessible to everyone, but we’re not stopping here. We intend to keep improving accessibility based on your feedback and best practice industry standards. If you’d like to share your feedback with us, we’d love to hear it. 

What else is new?

We have a new range of vibrant, colourful characters to represent the beautiful diversity in our community. 

Changes to Dashboard

You’ll also notice some very minor changes to the navigation within your Dashboard. For example, Invoicing and Reimbursements can now be found in the drop down menu under Payments. 

For our B2B community

We’ve introduced webpages for those of you in our support coordinator and service provider community to explain how we work with you to support your customers. Here, we feature relevant tools and resources that will make your lives easier.

Customer Stories

We also have some new and heart warming customer stories, so you can read about other peoples NDIS journeys.