NDIS plan management and NDIS support coordination are both services that help people put their NDIS plan into action, but both do so in different ways.

Because the two services often get lumped in together, many people become confused about what each does - or doesn't - do. 

As Plan Partners offer both plan management and support coordination, we go back to basics and look at some of the key differences between the two services. 

What is plan management?

Put simply, plan management takes care of the financial administration that comes with an NDIS plan. This includes things like getting your providers' invoices paid, claiming from the NDIS portal and providing you with a monthly statement that tracks how much of each budget you've spent and how much is remaining.

It's important to note that, despite its name, plan management does not mean your whole NDIS plan will be managed. Plan manager will only help you manage the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

Plan managers won't help you find the right supports for your needs - that is support coordination. In addition, plan managers are not responsible for ensuring you stay on budget, so you will still need to play an active role in your NDIS journey.

If you choose Plan Partners as your plan manager, you'll gain access to several unique features: 

  • Fast payment: We typically get invoices paid within 7 business days, or even 4 business days when your providers use our Fast Payment option
  • Access to our friendly expert team that will answer all your questions about your NDIS funds
  • Track your budgets easily in your online Plan Partners Dashboard 

What is support coordination?

Support coordination helps you put your plan into action by finding and connecting with service providers who are the best fit for your needs. 

Unlike plan management, support coordination does not help you to manage any of the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

If you have support coordination with Plan Partners, we will: 

  • work with you to help you understand the details of your NDIS plan
  • find and connect you with service providers
  • advise and guide you throughout your NDIS journey
  • help you track the progress of your plan and prepare for your review meeting.

How the NDIS funds plan managements and support coordination

Both plan management and support coordination can be fully funded by the NDIS, but there’s one major difference between the two.  

As stated in the NDIS Act there are no conditions for having funding for plan management included in your plan – meaning if you ask for it in your planning meeting, your NDIS planner and NDIA should give it to you. 

On the other hand, not everyone is eligible for support coordination. The NDIA assesses each case individually to see who is eligible for support coordination and will generally only provide funding if you don’t have an informal network of friends and family that could perform some of the tasks a support coordinator does, like helping you find and connect with service providers.

As support coordination and plan management meet two very different needs, they're funded under two different categories – meaning you can receive funding for both in the one NDIS plan. This funding will always be included in your NDIS plan on top of the other supports you receive.