Your privacy is extremely important to us. When you submit your personal information to us, we have secure measures in place to make sure it’s protected. Here are some of the safeguards we use to protect your information:

Your reimbursement bank account

When you pay for an NDIS support using your own money, we process your claim and transfer the funds to you. This money gets reimbursed directly into your nominated bank account.

If you ever need to change the account we reimburse funds to, you just need to send us proof that the account belongs to you. This ‘Proof of Owners’ prevents anyone from pretending to be you keeping your NDIS funds safe.

Keeping your Dashboard secure

Your Dashboard contains lots of important information about your NDIS plan and the supports you receive. That’s why we don’t let anyone access it unless we get your written permission on a signed consent form. This lets you share your Dashboard with the people you trust – like a close family member, carer, or support coordinator – and no one else.

Over the phone

We’ll only ever give out your personal information over the phone to two people: you or your plan nominee. And to make sure it’s you, we’ll confirm your identity with a few security questions before we reveal anything. In some cases, we may need to give some general information out to your service providers to help with their invoices, but nothing that’s personal or to do with your budgets.

Service agreements – shake on it!

Have we mentioned we love service agreements?! They help ensure you get the support you need for a price you’re happy with. They also protect you in case a dispute arises between you and your provider. But as they’re a legally binding contract, we need both you and your service provider to sign the service agreement before we can accept it. This way, we know both of you are happy with the terms outlined.