Do you find yourself worrying about running out of your NDIS funding too early? Have you ever had a lot of budget left in a category without realising? You’re not alone. Avoiding over and underspending can be difficult – until now! Our new Spending Alerts are the latest tool we’ve introduced to help all our plan management customers avoid spending too much or too little, so you can access the supports you need with confidence.

How it works

When our system identifies that you may be over or underspending your NDIS plan’s budgets, we’ll send you a ‘Spending Alert’ email letting you know how much you are over or underspending. We will also explain some steps you can take. This lets you take control and act before it becomes an issue.

Of course, in some cases, you might not need to take any action at all. There are many reasons why you may be on track with your spending, despite our system thinking you’re not. For example, you may have several invoices waiting to be processed, or you may require more supports early on in your plan.

Our Spending Alerts are designed to let you know there could be an issue – but at the end of the day, it’s your choice what to do with that information.

Why is it needed?

Both over and underspending can negatively affect your NDIS journey. By flagging potential issues as early as possible, the Spending Alerts are designed to give you peace of mind and allow you to get more out of your plan.

Taking control of your budgets

We have several handy tools to help you track your spending as you go, without having to wait for a Spending Alert. Our Monthly Statements give you a summary of how you’re spending for that period, while your Plan Partners Dashboard features a simple visual representation of how much of your budgets you’ve spent and how long is left on your current NDIS plan. Armed with these, you can access supports knowing you’re not over or underspending.

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