Meet Tristram

He's witty. He's charismatic. And he'll bring a smile to your face. A special intro to Tristram.

Preparing for my planning meeting - Episode 1

Tristram shares his tips for how to prepare for your first planning meeting to get the best outcomes, including how to set your goals.

My NDIS planning meeting - Episode 2

Learn what happens in Tristram's first planning meeting so you're fully in the know for your own meeting.

Managing my NDIS funds - Episode 3

While he is waiting to receive his NDIS plan, in this episode Tristram explains the three ways you can choose to manage your NDIS funds - and reveals which option he has chosen, and why!

Receiving my NDIS plan - Episode 4

'I have just received my NDIS plan and I'm very underwhelmed and disappointed by it.' Watch this episode to find out why Tristram feels this way - and what he does next!

Result of my review - Episode 5

After going through the plan review process, Tristram receives his new NDIS plan!

NDIS Core Supports  - Episode 6

Tristram explains how he can use his NDIS budget for core supports.

NDIS Capital and Capacity Building Supports  - Episode 7

Tristram further breaks down his NDIS plan and explains how he'll be using his Capital Supports and Capacity Building Supports.

Looking back at my first NDIS year  - Episode 8

At the end of 2019, Tristram looks back at his first year with the NDIS, from preparing for his first meeting to bringing his NDIS plan to life - all the highs and the lows. And he gives a sneak preview of what next year will bring!

Exciting start of a new NDIS year - Episode 9

Tristram kicked off his new NDIS year with a bit of an adventure! Thanks to iFLY Australia for sharing the footage.

Getting the most out of my plan with support coordination - Episode 10

Tristram explains why he is so happy to have a support coordinator on his side throughout his NDIS journey.

How the Coronavirus impacts my NDIS journey - Episode 11

Tristram is socially isolating and shares how the coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts his NDIS journey.

Living Independently: Organising my supports - Episode 12

Tristram shares his journey towards living independently and how he organises his supports.

Keeping track of my NDIS budgets - Episode 13

Tristram shares the importance of not overspending or underspending your NDIS budget and ways to keep track of your funds.

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)? - Episode 14

In this episode, Tristram shares the start of his SDA journey and explains how Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) works.

Welcome to my own SDA apartment - Episode 15

Join Tristram on a tour of his new, yet to be furnished SDA pad and find out how it all came together.

Achieving my goals: The next chapter - Episode 16

Tristram had a goal to move into his own pad by the age of 30. Well, he's done it. Check out Tristram now in very own SDA apartment!  

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