Hi, I’m Palani

“I work closely with established service providers to resolve matters related to payments and upskill providers to our latest system updates.”

Palani, Account Manager Business Development, New South Wales

Prior to working with Plan Partners I was a Team Leader within support coordination. Having worked with Plan Partners since 2018, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to witness and experience many key milestones including reaching our first 1000 customers and growing to become a leading provider for NDIS plan management and support coordination.

As a trained and experienced social worker, it’s in my DNA to challenge the norm and push boundaries. I feel very blessed to work daily with like-minded team members.

Outside work, I value my time with my family and new friend, my dog Chester. I also enjoy ‘me time’ running long distance. I’m planning to run on the Great Wall of China when we can travel overseas again!

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