Hi, I’m Ridhy

“What drives me in my role is being part of fresh new projects and working together with the Plan Partners’ team. I love helping people with all their wonderful enquiries - from Support Coordinators wanting quick answers to customers needing support to make the most out of their plans.”

Ridhy, Knowledge Coordinator, Victoria

You may have chatted to me before on Live Chat. That's because I was one of the first Live Chat agents in Plan Partners.

Before Plan Partners, I worked as a Program Officer with Council on the Ageing Northern Territory for a Northern Territory Government program.

My favourite Plan Partners moment was winning the Spotted Award. This award is given to people who embody the spirit of Plan Partners, so it was a special thing to achieve.

Outside of work, I enjoy making oil pastel paintings. Although what I end up making is nothing more than an amateur attempt, this is what I spend most of my non-work time doing as it’s a great stress buster for me.

Number one thing on my bucket list? A fun holiday with my mum and sister - anywhere in the world.

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