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House And/or Yard Maintenance


Price Guide Details

ACT - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
NSW - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
NT - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
QLD - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
SA - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
TAS - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
VIC - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
WA - MMM 1-5
$49.42 per hour
Remote - MMM6
$69.19 per hour
National Very Remote - MMM7
$74.13 per hour

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House And/or Yard Maintenance

Assistance with Daily Life (Includes SIL)

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Updated 25 March 2022

All details in the Navigator are current with the NDIS 2021-2022 Pricing arrangements. 

Disclaimer: The information supplied is taken directly from the Support Catalogue and NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits provided by the NDIS. Plan Partners take no responsibility or liability for its accuracy.