Plan Partners' NDIS Budget Calculator helps you understand the cost of supports according to the NDIS Price Guide. Quickly calculate costs for multiple items to easily build budgets and organise supports and services over time.


Is Plan Partners' NDIS Budget Calculator free?

Yes! It's publicly available and free for all to use.

Are my details shared with anyone?

NDIS Budget Calculator has been designed with your utmost privacy in mind, which is why you're at liberty to use it at your convenience without submitting any personal details with none of your calculations captured.

Who is the calculator for?

Support coordinators, service providers and participants will find the calculator incredibly handy to gain transparency over NDIS pricing, build and manage budgets, and to organise and plan supports over time.

What if I don't know which category my support comes under?

With 15 different categories to choose from, we get it's not always straight forward knowing where a support fits into. Just head over to our support categories information page to learn more, or check out our Price Guide Navigator to search up all the details associated with a particular support - including category!

Can I go back to edit a previous calculation?

Calculations are not saved within the calculator because one of the key learnings that came out of our research during design phase was that users wanted to remain anonymous and caculations to be untrackable. You can, however, view or download a summary of your calculations before closing your browser.

Can I report issues or errors?

Feel free to use any of the live chat links available throughout Plan Partners' Budget Calculator to get speedy responses to queries you may have while using the tool. Alternatively, you can email any issues or feedback to [email protected]

Why do I need to state the region I live in?

The NDIS sets price limits depending on where you live. In general, support items, subject to price controls, have a single national price limit. But some Capacity Building supports have three price limits; a national, remote and very remote limit, depending on where the support is delivered. 

How come I've received a price limit warning sign?

While this warning sign isn't applicable to everyone - especially if you self manage your funds - it merely stands to prevent you paying for costs that are over and beyond the NDIS Pricing Arrangements resulting in you being out of pocket. If you have any doubts, we recommend talking to your plan manager, service provider or support coordinator (if you have one).

Can I or one of my customers get further support managing budgets?

Absolutely. Plan Partners are leading providers for NDIS plan management. While you keep full control over your budgets, we take care of your NDIS admin and invoices, and support you to better manage your funds and spending. 


Who are Plan Partners?

Plan Partners are leading providers for plan management and support coordination. We provide helpful support and resources to the NDIS community that bring clarity and confidence surrounding the NDIS.

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